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  1. Functor Npc the Default Name Changer/Custom
  2. [Job Master] Job Master Npc Locate @ Payon Main Town We suggest to loot all thing on training ground to use it on Job Master. there is Job Master too in Training Ground Area. See you soon Asgardians. [JOB REQUIRED ITEMS] 1st Job 2nd Job 2-1 & 2-2
  3. Stylist : Can Change You Appearance Service Payment Hair Style 150,000 zeny Hair Colord 250,000 zeny Cloth Color 1,000,000 zeny
  4. Reset Girl Npc Status Reset Requirment = Premium Reset Stone Skill Reset Requirment = Neuralizer Select the Service you want
  5. Asgard Universal Rental NPC for Peco2x And Falcon 5,000 zeny
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