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  1. we will open the server soon keep on looking on this forum.
  2. Soon guyz Im currently busy on our hosting skyzonehosting. we will publish this server soon
  3. Good Day Asgardians, Our Server will be Re-Open when we done the changes on the server information. we will install all need and remodel something in game for make more intense on the player hunting and getting there gears we will make a pvp & pvm oriented server to make sure all player will have a choice. [Updates & New Information] - New Server Setup. - Episode 13 Transcend Job Enable. - Leveling System & Reward System. [Get Level and Receive Gears] - PVP Room & Reward System Weekly. - MVP System [Kill MVP and Get Reward] - MVP Ladder System [Be a Top MVP and Get Reward Monthly] - New Freebies Reward. - Automated Event System - Event Shop [Get Exclusive Costumes & Gears] - Armor & Weapon Shop [Buy Sloted Armors on Armor & Weapon Dealer.] - Hunting Donation Coins from MVP Boss. [Donation Coin Drop Rate 5%~10%] Server Re-Opening Date will be posted soon...
  4. [NPC UPDATE] - Quest Shop Implemented. Lot of quest headgear from classic has implemented Find the Minstrel on Payon to make your first Headgear. - Quest Headgears can be donate and the donate can be quest. shop will be Update every maintenance day. - PVP Warper Enable use Heimdall to warp you in different PVP Area you like from classic ambiance. - PVP Ranking Enabled. - MVP Ranking Enabled. - Hugel Map will be Implement on the next Maintenance. --- Odin Temple will be implement.
  5. [Upcoming Updates] - Automated Events. - Event Shop [Eitri Shop] - Quest Shop [BS Haldier] - Reward Giver
  6. We are looking for Active Game Master that can help us to introduce our server. Active In Game Daily with Time Schedule. Can do posting and reporting something need of players suggestion. Bias thinking not allowed on our Team. The Server is progressive until we unlock all thing in server. If you are interested drop a message and lets talk about it.
  7. EGG SCROLL INFORMATION [Asgard Scroll A] - VIP Ticket = 1% - Costume Angeling Hat (Tradable) = 3% - Brown Bianie (Tradable) = 3% - Archer Figure (Account Bound) = 5% - Acolyte Figure (Account Bound) = 5% - Battle Recruiter Hat (Tradable) = 10% - Donut In Mouth (Tradable) = 10% - 10x Light Blue Potion Box = 50% - 10x Light White Potion Box = 60% - 1~2x Field Manual = 70%~100% - 1x Job Manual = 80% - 1x Bubble Gum = 90% [Asgard Scroll B] - VIP Ticket = 1% - Soul Wing = 1% - Blue Bianie = 3% - Mage Figure (Account Bound) = 5% - Thief Figure (Account Bound) = 5% - GF Recruiter Hat = 10% - 5~20x Light Blue Potion Box = 50% - 5~20x Light White Potion Box = 60% - 1~3x Field Manual = 70% - 1~3x Job Manual = 80% - 1~3x Bubble Gum = 90%~100% [Asgard Scroll C] - VIP Ticket = 1% - Navy Blue hat = 1% - Pink Bianie = 5% - Swordsman Figure (Account Bound) = 5% - Merchant Figure (Account Bound) = 5% - Guildsman Recruiter = 10% - 5~20x Light Blue Potion Box = 50% - 5~20x Light White Potion Box = 60% - 1~3x Field Manual = 70% - 1~3x Job Manual = 80%~100% - 1~3x Bubble Gum = 90%
  8. NPC Updates [UPDATE] - Healer Update --- Healing Price is depend on the Level ------- Base Level 1 to 15 Healing Price: 100z ------- Base Level 16 to 30 Healing Price: 300z ------- Base Level 31 to 50 Healing Price: 1,000z ------- Base Level 51 to 70 Healing Price: 2,500z ------- Base Level 71 to 90 Healing Price: 4,000z ------- Base Level 99 Healing Price: 5,000z - WARPER (Heimdall) --- Warping Price is depend on the Level ------- Base Level 1 to 15 Town Warping Price: 100z ------- Base Level 16 to 30 Town Warping Price: 300z ------- Base Level 31 to 50 Town Warping Price: 1,000z ------- Base Level 51 to 70 Town Warping Price: 1,000z ------- Base Level 71 to 90 Town Warping Price: 1,000z ------- Base Level 99 Town Warping Price: 2,500z ------- Base Level 1 to 15 Dungeon Warping Price: 1,000z ------- Base Level 16 to 30 Dungeon Warping Price: 2,000z ------- Base Level 31 to 50 Dungeon Warping Price: 3,000z ------- Base Level 51 to 70 Dungeon Warping Price: 5,000z ------- Base Level 71 to 90 Dungeon Warping Price: 8,000z ------- Base Level 99 Dungeon Warping Price: 10,000z - Hourly Points --- Earn Hourly Points every time you staying in game Afk or not you can earn a Points. - VIP Supplies --- Back to Normal Reward x2 is back to x1. - Eitri Coin Collector --- Shop Update ----- Can Buy Hourly Points on this Shop. ----- Added Participation Coin Headgears. - MISSION HUNTING --- Located at Payon 134,208. --- Hunting Monster and Get Reward Light Box, Zeny and Exp. - Egg Scroll List (SCROLLS UPDATE)
  9. Good Day Asgardians, Our Server is on preparation night, the server is close until tomorrow. We Open the server at 3:00 PM +8GMT PH Time, we will Open the Gate at 8:00PM to Start your Journey on Asgard. Your waiting is very appreciated. See you tomorrow asgardians...
  10. thank you for your interesting to our Streamers Program. See you on July 25 8PM
  11. Our Website Control Panel is on Maintenance today it will be back after we fixed the webhost server on Skyzone, Currently issue is on the Security on our Webhost Servers.
  12. [Market System] Market System will create you a Clone to make PUB for you while you are in jungle. [How to Use it?] type @pub "Your Pub Title" "Your Message when the visitor click your pub" [How to Remove my Clone on Town?] type @pubremove and your clone will remove on town. [Is there a payment to use of this?] yes there is required zeny to use the @pub. EXAMPLE: When the player click the Pub the message will receive by the clicker.
  13. Shop Updates [Coin Trader] Meet Eitri the coin collector of Asgard he has the Gardian of Axe Stormbreaker of thor after the Mjolnir breaks by the Goddes of Death. Location: Payon 143, 241 [Tool Dealer, Weapon Dealer, Armor Dealer] Location: Payon 174, 202 [Streamer Manager & Supplier] When your application on the Streamer Form are approve you will get your Streamer Card and proceed to Boss Tryke to register your character to become a Streamer...
  14. Thank you Zeref we happy that you are interested on our Streamers Program. we will list you on our Streamer of Asgard
  15. VIP System [VIP INFORMATION] Our VIP System is no Exp/Drop involve, it is all about Additional NPC Featured, Supplies etc... [VIP INCENTIVES] - Can use Healer for free. - Can use Dungeon Warper for Free and Last Warp Recorded. this will be updated soon... Location: payon,168,246 [DAILY SUPPLIES] Visit Supplier NPC every day reset every 12 midnight. Location: payon,140,228 [VIP BONUS] - 5x Light White Pots Box. - 5x Light Blue Pots Box. - 2x 100% Field Manual. [NONE VIP BONUS] - 3x Light White Pots Box. - 3x Light Blue Pots Box. - 2x 50% Field Manual.
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